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Sophia Gutchinov

5’1”               130 lbs

Green Eyes    Dark Brunette


Homies                                                 Lead                             Whole Picture Films

A Moment in Time                              Supporting                   Proximity Artists LLC

Isolated                                               Supporting                   MM Productions

Shitty Dates                                         Supporting                   SMFG Productions

Descarado                                          Lead                             Selfirio Productions

Casting Chloe**                                  Lead                             Jennifer Marie Productions

Severe Thunderstorm Warning*        Lead                            Pulp Reservations



The Stardust Between Us (Devised)      Lead                             The Tadpoles Theater Company

Sterling Renaissance Festival                Pirate Captain              Wyldewood Players

            -immersive, improv-based, strong, physical, stage combative role

Disconnected Touch (Devised)             Lead                             Full Moon Series; Howl Happening

Reveries: An Immersive Experience     Lead                            The Tank

Twelve Angry Women                         Juror #3 (Lead)           Maylin Castro

Reborn (Devised)                                 Ensemble                    Human Rights & Democracy International



List available upon request


Marymount Manhattan College, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

Acting: Ellen Orenstein, Kevin Connell, Richard Niles & Shakespeare: John Basil

Voice & Speech/Dialects: Barbara Adrian & Rocky Sansom

Movement: Elizabeth LaMura & Haila Strauss

Experimental/Performance Art: Mary Fleischer

On-Camera                                                                              Ted Brunetti

Krakower On-Camera                                                              Vance Barber; Freeman Studio

Practical Aesthetics/Audition Technique                                 Karen Kohlhaas

Immersive & Interactive Theatre Performance Certification   Gary Izzo

Voiceover Andy Roth & Anna Garduño         

Improv                                                                                                Philip Markle; The Annoyance Theatre

One Year Lease Theater Company Apprentice                              Zagorohoria, Greece



Degree in neuroscience, can rap “A Milli”, stage combat, teleprompter experience, stand-up, interactive/devised theatre, improv, geography expert & national capitals, roll R’s, fitness enthusiast, swim, ride bicycle, licensed driver, valid passport

Accents: Brooklynese, Lower Class Elizabethan, American Southern Non-Rhotic, Italian


**Winner: Festigious International FF, Brightside Tavern FF, Lovesick FF, L.A. Short Awards

*Culver City Film Festival

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